Covid brings us to our knees. 

Covid brings us to our knees. 

It’s a tough time at the moment, with the news that our cruise out of Florida USA is cancelled, we were expecting it for sure. its like another nail in the coffin of the slow and painful demise of musicians during this pandemic. 

The van doesn’t roll anymore, the gear is locked away, the leads are in storage , the merch only has a small trickle from online sales , the banter on the way to shows has stopped , the fast ironing of shirts is not more, the serenity prayer before the show is silenced and the music is turned down low. 

I fell into a hole in august and could not get out, 12 years of movement across the world studently on March 14th stopped. Its as dark as it has been for many years. Hope evaded me, light evaded me, the struggle was real. I crawled my way out of it in September as there was no where else to go. Its hard to explain our lifestyle, the movement, the brotherhood, the backs against the wall, the dreams of the dreamer, and to the dreamer they are real.  

As a traveling band member our norms are that of a subculture for many of us we don’t fit in the real world, nor do we want to, for many of us the idea of been normal doesn’t sit well on our restless shoulders. It is not that we are irresponsible, in fact quite the opposite, as many of us have huge responsibility. nor is it that we do not care, as we all have the ability to care deeply. We live our life’s differently. The ritual of the show is where we come alive, the sound check is magic, the dressing room is our home, the road is where we are at peace within our soul. The coffee shops, the late-night service stations, the 4am home time is where we live. 

The making of music is such a powerful thing, the development of a song or a set is like building a house. Bit by bit, stage by stage, and then to play it in front of an audience is like , people seeing your new house you built with your own hands for the first time its nervy and exciting . 

We have started the process of recording and studio album which indeed was a great move it is moving along nicely. It is keeping our hands in the pie. The truth is this we do not know when we will play in front of an audience again will it be 2021, I really hope so. live music part of the human condition, it feeds the soul. 

We hope and look forward to that day .