21 years of Sin E on the Radio

Radio is my first media love, I love listening in the car as I drive on long trips to gigs or other places. Late date on Radio 1 is a favourite of mine. In particular Angus Mcnally presenting. I love local radio too. It's parochial, and current. At 13 years old I d take our big radio out., Rob battaries from other appliances and head for the field beside our council housing estate. It was two fields up towards the watch house hill. It had a tree in the middle of it. That's where I'd be on a Sunday afternoon when the waters were choppy at home. I get lost in Larry Gogans top 30. Madness were my band, little did Sugges and the boys know that in ballycanew Co Wexford there was a young lad willing them on. As they toured the world. That's the power of radio. 

A few years later on a Saturday night as I'd be getting ready for some serious drinking, I'd listen to Tony Keogh on South East radio, hoping he'd play a ballad or a folk song.  Christy Walsh on CKR was my favourite presenter. He had a magic way of bring the listener in. It was a morning show with many different items on it. From making Christmas pudding to current news stories. His ability to make everything local was impressive. 

Gay Byrne was also a presenter of interest for me. I would not have signed up to any of his own views but he was the master of the Interview. He would land a question which was out of the blue. It would force the interviewee to drop their gaurd and get Honset. For example I heard him ask christy Moore one night on the late late show, they were in a conversation about how he tours now. Our of the blue gay asks, in the old days did you put up the posters your self?. This question brought the interview to a different level. Christy going on to explain. Now a days everything is done for me, even the guitar is restrung for me, everyday. That was the power of gay been able to get those insights. 

I first was on radio way back in the 1980s, on South East Radio. It was a. Programme about young people's views. My next time on Dublin South Community Radio. I fell in love with radio presenting. I then moved to Dublin City Fm and 21 years later, its still my retreat, my ecaspe, my platform expression, my place to develop and learn.  I love it.  Sin E has taken on alive of its own, there are no play lists, I'm greatful for the freedom I have to play the music I want to. 

To have had the oppertunity to interview all the greats of Irish folk music over the years has been an honour. From christy Moore to Damien Dempsey, from Jimmy Mccarthy to Christie Heneessy, from Luka Bloom to Frank Harte and the list is a who's who's of the folk sence. We have also started many bands and singers over the years. Many of them getting their first radio experience with Sin E. 

Tonight we celebrate 21 years. I've no idea what's hapoenening on the show as Lar Flynn is driving tonight. All I can say is its been. My pleasure.